Writing Test Data Builders Made Easy With Kotlin

In this article I will be focusing on few features of Kotlin that help in writing concise and readable code. To explain the features, I will be using the concept of Test Data Builders, as described in the book Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests. I hope that by the end of this article I will have generated enough interest in you to try out Kotlin.

Understanding Thread Interruption in Java

You may come across use cases where you would need to perform some long running tasks on separate threads. You may have to request these tasks to finish doing their work, may be even before the tasks are completely done, so that the threads they would be running on can be stopped.

Using Optional to Specify Presence or Absence of a Value

Java 8 introduced Optional which serves as a container for values abstracting out the presence or absence of values. In this article I will be showing how using it helps in writing null safe code.

Functional Programming for the Object Oriented Minds

In this article I make an attempt to share my understanding of functional programming and how it can help in improving your daily work.