Spring up an application quickly with Spring Boot

I have created a video, in which I show how easy it is to spring up an application quickly with Spring Boot.

How functional programming helps me write clean code

I have been writing code for several years now. One thing that I have realized is that I have spent much more time in reading code than writing code. Hence, as a part of continuous improvement, I invest a lot of time in learning new techniques to write clean code. By clean code I mean, code that is easy to read and easy to reason about.

Using asynchrony to reduce response times in Java 8

Java 8, among other changes, had introduced CompletableFuture which has made writing asynchronous programs in Java easy. In this article I will be using CompletableFuture to explain how asynchronous programs are written and what value asynchronous programs bring in the context of backend services’ response times. I will also be covering different features of the CompletableFuture itself.

Book Review - Soft Skills: The software developer's life manual

I started year 2016 with reading a book that I came across while I was searching for a book that would benefit me as a developer. I am glad I read this book. This book has not only helped me professionally, but also personally. This is one of the most practical books that I have ever come across. The only reason that I am writing this book review is that I have benefited a lot from this book and by spreading the word around about this book, I might help someone benefit from it.